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Winner of the Food Network's Chopped: Pride of New Orleans contest and featured on Anthony Bourdain's Food Network show No Reservations, Linda Green reputedly has the best Ya-Ka-Mein in the United States and is known throughout New Orleans as the "Yakamein Lady."

For the past twenty years, she has sold her Ya-Ka-Mein along Second Line routes, along with running Ms. Linda's Catering, which specializes in New Orleans Soul Food cuisine for all size events.

Ms. Linda has served up her delicious food at festivals and events such as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the Essence Festival and the Crescent City Farmer's Market. These experiences have shaped her as an entrepreneur and brought her notoriety amongst New Orleans' natives and famous entertainers.


Ms. Linda Wins Chopped
Congratulations Ms. Linda for winning the Food Network's "Chopped: Pride of New Orleans" contest!

Didn't catch the episode? Click here for future airing dates! 

What is Yakamein?

Ya-ka-Mein is a New Orleans dish made from a combination of meat, eggs, green onions and noodles in a spicy, salty broth with an Asian twist by the addition of soy sauce. Black Korean soldiers made Ya-ka-mein in Korea, using the soup to sober up after a fierce day of fighting and drinking. They brought the dish to the states, where it has been a tradition ever since. It was typically served in African-American bars, Second Lines and festivals, referred to as "Old Sober", reflecting its power to alleviate the pain of hangovers.

Linda Green, simply known by many as the “Yaka Mein Lady”, is the most well known parade and festival Ya-ka-mein purveyor.

No Reservations

Tony travels beyond New Orleans and into Cajun Country to find out what sets bayou culture apart. He dines with locals Wendell Pierce and Lolis Elie, partakes in an authentic crawfish boil and ends his trip with a whole-hog roast.

Monday, 19 September 2011 19:00

GoNOLA Top 5: New Orleans Food Trucks

Food trucks are driving the nation in a new, quality fast food trend. New Orleans plays an active role in providing street food – a fun, affordable and easy way to enjoy loved cuisine. Food trucks in New Orleans are more than their basic concept suggests. They all have a theme, a vision, a philosophy. This weekend is a chance to celebrate and support those vehicles of flavor at the very first Street Fare Derby at the Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots. Tickets are $10 if purchased online by Friday, Sept. 23 and $15 on Sept. 24 – the day of the derby. Admission is from 12:30 – 6:00 pm, so come by the tracks and discover the wonderful food trucks of New Orleans, starting with these five:

1. Empanada Intifada – This aptly labeled “guerilla gourmet food truck” serves freshly baked savory Spanish pastries – or empanadas – in their mobile kitchen. Their specialty is The Mestizo – a harmonious combination of a traditional empanada with a Louisiana meat pie. They have seasonal specials like the Chicken Adobo and veggie options like The Sasquash and Beana Vista Social Club. Follow them on Twitter to see where they park.

2. Yakamein – You can try the street food Anthony Bourdain salivated over in the recent No Reservations Cajun Country episode at the Street Fare Derby. Yakamein is a hearty noodle soup filled with protein, Asian flavors and NOLA Creole soul made by Chef Linda Green. Her nourishing cups of hot soup have been enjoyed for years along parade routes, come out on Saturday to taste why.

3. Streats McGee – Streats McGee cruises NOLA in style in a Mercedes station wagon serving a variety of different forms of street food ranging from pierogis to BBQ Vietnamese Po-Boys. Taste the global flavors coming out of this vintage ride stopping off at bars around town like the R Bar and at the derby this weekend.

4. Big Cheesy – What could be better than a delicious, gooey grilled cheese? Nine gourmet versions of it, that’s what. The Big Cheesy food truck boasts just that with signature sandwiches like cheddar, onion, garlic and leek on sourdough or strawberries, Nutella and cream cheese on brioche. Jump on the New Orleans cheesewagon at the Street Fare Derby.

5. Peace, Love and Sno-balls – Though it’s not the only sno-ball truck in New Orleans, Peace, Love and Sno-balls is definitely the only hippie sno-ball truck in New Orleans. This trailer on wheels painted as a VW van plastered with peace signs and happy customers with afros, crafts colorful icy treats from within. All their sno-balls are made with Spring Water and they have snack items such as nachos and hot dogs. Find them at Audubon Park on Saturdays.

We’ve only scratched the surface. Find out what other NOLA food trucks await you at the Street Fare Derby on Sept. 24!

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  • Publication Date: Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  • Author: Sally Tumner
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